Despite looking phallic…

… it’s really quite beautiful.

It’s been a long time since I lived in Chicago. In fact, it’s been nearly 15 years since I have been back in California. Where did / does the time go?

Since I left Chicago, so many things have changed. Millenium Park did not exist when I lived there. Marshall Field’s is now Macy’s. State Street (that great street) now allows cars again. And most importantly, my friends Ralph and Martin and Kris and Nancy … no longer exist in Chicago. I really have no reason to go there anymore.

Except maybe to see The Chicago Spire.


scheduled to open in 2010. which really is just around the corner.

3 thoughts on “Despite looking phallic…

  1. Hi Jenn,I “lost” you in the move but finally found you again through your post at leah’s. Would love to get together again. Please call or write if you get the chance. My stepdad died Christmas Day and I’m once again in a funk trying to force myself to put one foot in front of the other. I’d think I wrote leah’s post myself if I didn’t know better. Good to “see” you again.


  2. Also, regarding Joe’s comment below about therapist referral – I would like more information on that. I went to his site but couldn’t figure out how to contact him directly. Would it be weird to ask about it? I saw someone (therapist) in San Marcus at the PCSD for the first time last week and it wasn’t the best connection although I’ll give it another chance or two. Thanks.And about not writing, I think as a writer, you’re always writing even when you aren’t literally putting pen to paper. Observations, feelings, thinking, etc. are writers tools too.


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