Happy Valentines Day

While I don’t agree politically with Ben Stein (he’s a little conservative) I do think he is well intentioned and honorable, not to mention a damn good writer. This commentary and the one Stein wrote for mother’s day brought tears to my eyes.

Just goes to show you, we (liberals and conservatives) are not as far apart as the current political climate (or the media’s portrayal of the climate) might suggest. We all want the same things out of life. And we all rank as important the people in our lives. Not the stuff, not the laws, not the budget, nor the primaries but the people.

So this Valentine’s Day I’m taking the opportunity to show a little love for one of my favorite conservatives, Ben Stein.


2 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day

  1. A wonderful, wonderful tribute.I must say something has been on my mind lately. Why can people act with such disdain across political lines – wait, I understand passion – yet James Carville married Mary Matalin. Those two are both terribly passionate and on opposing sides, still love keeps them together.


  2. Thanks. I kind of needed that. I’m doing “co dependency” issues in therapy (just kill me now) and this was a wake up remembering the other side of losing a parent who may be presently driving you to the edge of sanity. It will be a year next week my grandmother died, almost two months since my stepdad died and two years this month since my dad died. You’d think I’d know better. Thanks J.


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