Not even for Obama

I got all excited about Obama and signed up for the email list. They send a lot of emails. That I delete. Usually without reading. This one caught my eye, however, because of the subject line

Come to Texas for Barack

So I read:

Barack Obama LogoDear Friend,

My name is Mitch Stewart, and I’m the Texas Field Director for the Obama campaign.

Barack’s won the last eight primaries and caucuses decisively, and we’re heading into the next set of contests with a lot of momentum. But the race for the Democratic nomination is still extremely close.

The March 4th primary in Texas is the single biggest remaining contest, and we need supporters across the country to get involved.

Sign up to take a trip to Texas before March 4th and help Get Out The Vote for Barack

With all due respect to my good friend Julie, and her fine family whom I have met and who graciously hosted me in Winnsboro, Texas… can I just say, I am NOT a fan of Texas. I won’t be going. Not even for Obama.

Y’all feel free to sign up and go to Texas. It’s a lovely place with big trucks and guns and oil and republicans…. Obama is surely going to need the support.

One thought on “Not even for Obama

  1. I undersand where you’re coming from. The Texas political scene scares me worse than having to eat a Twix bar covered in bbq sauce. Turns my stomach to think about it. I know you think I’m a Republican, but I will always insist that I am a swing voter. I will also insist that it is messed up down there and I am so happy our friend from Winnsboro, Texas moved to southern California. And I miss you all…


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