(not so) Wordless Wednesday

Backrow L to R: Granddad, Grandma, Dad, Mom, Great Grandma Simpson, Aunt Betty and Uncle Ray.
Front row- Cousin John, Debby. I seem to be MIA. Or not here yet. Since I am four years younger than Debby (look at her posing for the camera in her red dress and matching tights) I am pretty sure I am not the one taking the photo.

Aunt Betty passed away the day before yesterday (she sure was a dish!). (Uncle Ray is still with us but he must be sad. He and Betty were married for over 50 years for sure) She was actually my great aunt, my granddad’s very much younger sister. The last of the Minnesotan Simpsons. We had not been close the last few years. She and my Uncle Ray had moved from San Jose to Modesto. They were older and didn’t travel much. I think they stopped travelling all together. And I didn’t have much call to go to Modesto.

I was busy with my life. (you know how that goes– work, home, writing, friends, busy busy). I think the last time I saw them was for Granddad’s funeral in 2004. (This is a problem with my family– too many funerals and not enough weddings!) The truth is I didn’t make the time to go visit. And except for the occassional Christmas card, didn’t make the time to keep in touch much either, relying on my sister or my Aunt Mary K and Uncle Bill to keep me posted.

My fondest memories are of going up to their house when I was a kid, swimming in their pool. I could say I’ll miss Betty… but really I’ve missed her for a long time I guess.

2 thoughts on “(not so) Wordless Wednesday

  1. Aren’t those memories just great…I know you love them and the memories, so I won’t be giving advice, just admiration. Awesome stuff!And at the same time, I must admit, I have great memories of you and Stack, New Year’s eve watching the sun set, eating great food, and telling stories about whatever, just spending time … love ya!


  2. Eebie… huh? you sound like an old guy reminiscing about many many years ago. It hasn’t been THAT long and none of us are THAT old… come on out to So Cal next time instead of Paris or Honduras.


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