Happy Valentines Day

While I don’t agree politically with Ben Stein (he’s a little conservative) I do think he is well intentioned and honorable, not to mention a damn good writer. This commentary and the one Stein wrote for mother’s day brought tears to my eyes.

Just goes to show you, we (liberals and conservatives) are not as far apart as the current political climate (or the media’s portrayal of the climate) might suggest. We all want the same things out of life. And we all rank as important the people in our lives. Not the stuff, not the laws, not the budget, nor the primaries but the people.

So this Valentine’s Day I’m taking the opportunity to show a little love for one of my favorite conservatives, Ben Stein.


Twofer Tuesday

A follow up to Monday’s post about the passport, and today’s second post. This Twofer Tuesday may be another new feature of my blog.
Or not.
We’ll see.

Anyway, I let my passport lapse. I had kept an up-to-date passport for many years. And I used it. But the last few years I have not done much travel. In fact, I think the last time I left the country with my passport was 1993 when I went to Argentina as part of a Group Study Exchange Program sponsored by Rotary International. (That’s where I met Martjavascript:void(0)
Publish Postin aka Eebie

Anyway, my passport expired and I had no travel plans, so I didn’t bother updating it.

However, since new law sort of went into effect regarding travel to Mexico I realized I couldn’t even leave to head down to Rosarito for Lobster lunch!

So last Saturday I went down to the post office (I had to have an appointment) and applied for my passport. For details on how to apply for a passport, or to find a post office or other facility near you, check out the Passport office online.

And even though the passport office says it will take 4-6 weeks to process, I got mine in 9 days. And I didn’t expedite it!

So, I can only conclude that They want me outta here! or the post office guy likes me (he is kinda cute, I think I may have some more packages to mail)

…. what would you do? book a flight outta here? or go mail a package?

Google Girl Strikes Again

At work I’m known as Google girl. Well, I’ve found a new google tool, Google Gadgets. Lots of fun ones, like:


and my personal fave: