Captain Simpson’s DVDs

When my Dad died, in addition to inheriting a condo that needed a lot of work, and a lot of personal business that had been unattended for many years, my Dad left what I consider a huge collection of DVDs. Although my Dad had an ecclectic collection, and his taste ranged from classic dramas to action movies, most of the DVDs were not what one would call “chick flicks.”

My sister and I had no idea what to do with them, and for some reason rather than just dump them at the Goodwill, we boxed them up and shipped them to us with the other things we wanted to save.

I had this great idea to donate these movies to “the troops,” but I had no idea how to go about doing this.

Until my co-worker turned me onto Operation Interdependence.

So instead of just donating the DVDs, I had to make a big project out of it and create a whole website about it. Check it out here, I guess I really am a geek!

One thought on “Captain Simpson’s DVDs

  1. great. you honor your dad and give yourselves the gift of learning more about him even as you take to new levels what began as his legacy to you. right on!


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