Black and White and Read All Over

Call me naive, but why does it have to be about race at all? Why is Barak Obama called a black man? Isn’t he equally a white man?

One of the things I find so motivating about Obama is the fact that he is every man. He is a smart man. He is inspiring, and what I find appealing about him has less to do with the color of his skin and more about his message of uniting us.

We hold him to a different standard in regards to tolerance of friends and family. I don’t know about you, but I have plenty of friends and relatives who I would consider either racist or clueless…. Sometimes I speak up, and sometimes I say nothing.

Hear/read what Obama has to say about race in his own words.

2 thoughts on “Black and White and Read All Over

  1. Typical, just last month in a blog titled “Third Times a Charm” or something along those lines, you were voting for Hillary. All of a sudden, this guy who shamelessly espouses about his Kenyan father and white mother from Kansas(as if that matters to whom exactly?) is seen as intelligent, a uniter, and all that jazz when not once has he spoken up about the crisis in his own father’s home country where there is suffering and a democratic process considered ineffective.Do people like you even come up with an original thought or are you just content to spew the current trendy blabber in the hopes that someone would be dumb enough to truely buy into it?


  2. anonymous: actually, in my post I said I THOUGHT about voting for Clinton. And for the record, this is my blog. I can spew all the trendy rhetoric I like. I can even change my mind. I frankly don’t care if anyone “buys into it” or not. I’m not selling anything, and anyone who doesn’t like what I spew can change the channel.I’m honored that you took the time to actually comment. I guess four people read this blog.


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