We’re Getting Down the the WIRE here…

The Holy Blazing Laptops Write-A-Thon
There’s still time to sponsor me!
And make sure I get one of the cool shirts I designed!

Pictured left here is the extra-ordinarily talented Ms. Judy Reeves. She’s not only my writing coach/mentor, she is the executive director of San Diego Writers, Ink.

UPDATE: some of you have already donated… you’ll be getting a full report and an official thank you after the event.

I’m a little shy of my $500 goal, so if you have not yet donated, do feel free to click!

3 thoughts on “We’re Getting Down the the WIRE here…

  1. Jenn! I gave some money but I didn’t pledge by the hour, or did I? If I did I didn’t mean to!!!Signed, confused in Moorpark 🙂


  2. Hi Confused,No it was not an hourly amount!It is however a little confusing the way things were worded. sorry about that and THANKS for your support!!


  3. Very exciting stuff!! Glad you going for it!!The money is sent through PayPal as I said in the email. Do double check that it comes to your org. PayPal screwed things up on my end, I will probably never use them again.


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