Write A Thon Wrap Up

Not all the writing prompts worked well for me…
For this particular session, we received an envelope filled with randomly selected letters that was supposed to inspire us to write about our destiny.

My first response:
WTF: playing with letters
Note I had to cut up a letter to make that work.

And then I came up with this:
Chooz Letters

It’s kinda scary how my brain works. This may eventually work for me, to use in my writing, or it may become my new mantra: Live Like There is No Tomorrow or Defy Destiny.

Last year’s mantra was Why Not Me. But I think I need to move on from that.
Do you have a mantra?

4 thoughts on “Write A Thon Wrap Up

  1. This, too, shall pass!No, kidding. Its old and cheesy but I always lived by “Follow Your Bliss”. If you don’t know what to do with yourself, what destination to head for, just do the thing you love, move that direction, and only good things happen to you. It works. I always had a little crush on Joseph Campbell.


  2. I shun stuff about destiny (so iffy, subjective) and go for the be here now/bloom where you’re planted stuff. Just as iffy/subjective, perhaps yet gives me something to go with, to do, as it were.


  3. Wherever you go, there you are. andIf something’s not to your liking, change your liking. (Borrowed from Rick Steves travel philosophy and applied as my life philosophy.)andJust take it day-by-day.


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