Finally notes from the Writing Marathon…finally

This was from a prompt from Judy Reeves, “I discovered….”

Words on a table

I discovered more about myself than about my mother. I discovered that I carry parts of my my mother in me and not just my father. I discovered that it is not all genetic and the parts that are environmental can be changed.. I discovered a longing for adventure inside my soul. I discovered a need to nest too.

I discovered regret on the table right next to grace, down the way from milkweed. I discovered I DO like to write in groups and I WILL miss my tribe mates.

I don’t know what the prompt was for this snippet, but Saturday, the day of the marathon, was the day after the paddle out for Colin Wagschal and he was on my mind.
RIP Colin Wagschal

A broken surfboard, the name Colin Wagshal written with a thick black felt tip marker– a Sharpie maybe– more permanent than the young surfer. Pictures printed out and taped to the fiberglass prove Colin was here. The lilies, birds of paradise and baby’s breath prove that he no longer is.

and the final prompt: The Present Moment

My eyes are starting to blur and I feel my shoulders inching closer to my ears. My fingers are cold. My ears are cold so I put my hood up. Maybe it will help me keep all the great ideas from escaping. Or maybe it will just keep my ears warm.

How do I write the moment and live it at the same time?

I am writing on the last line of this page, and so I turn the page and continue. A cool, no make that cold breeze comes in through the open window and Steve is happy.

I want to take all the pencils home and recycle the plastic bottles that lay strewn and empty on the table. Judy calls time and we are done.

SO thanks to everyone who contributed… together we raised over 13 THOUSAND dollars for San Diego Writers, Ink. Your official thank yous are coming soon.

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