Arbitrary Lines

My cousin Katie the artist and her partner Casey just spent some time here this weekend, and we took a trip to see the border.

I can’t help but think of Katie’s most recent work exploring the horizon line “as the factor that draws many views on earth together…”
the horizon by Kathleen Simpson
….and how this line, La Linea, the border, divides us. It is an arbitrary line, a fence between two countries, cutting across social, economic and environmental ecosystems.

We marveled at the crowds at Playas de Tijuana, smelled the churros and watched families play in the sand and surf. And our side of the line was an empty stretch of beach inhabited mostly by Least Tern and Snowy Plovers, guarded by a border patrol agent and a myriad of hidden cameras and underground sensors. It was surreal.


PS: here’s Katie and Casey… aren’t they cute??

and here’s a link to the Photos from our border visit, and a link to Borderfield Friendship Park (which I may point out does not rank high on The Google and was a bit difficult to ferret out).

2 thoughts on “Arbitrary Lines

  1. You rock!
    I loved going to this surreal place with you! Let’s find more places to go too!
    I’ll look up more interesting places in New Mexico to visit before we go see you there.
    I agree with Dana, your photography is so beautiful!
    Love Love Love,


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