Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has always been difficult for me… looking at all the ads for special brunches, presents for mom… no mom to celebrate with.

Mothers Day?

And this year Ralph had his first Mother’s Day without his mom. My sister casually said something about it– right before she went out of town to Rancho La Puerta (an opportunity to go for Free! why don’t I know people like that?). It got me to thinking, however, that maybe I didn’t have to be angry about not having a mother on Mother’s Day. Maybe I could take the day to celebrate, to remember, to appreciate the mother that I had if even for too short a time.

And so I invited Ralph to dinner so we could celebrate our mothers. We got all dressed up. I wore a dress, heels and everything and Ralph wore a nice pair of slacks and a dress coat. My mother would have been proud. 

We went to Rei do Gado a Brazilian churrascaria, had a really fine dinner and toasted our mothers with a fine Malbec.  No special significance having Brazilian food, but it was a place we had both heard was good– and it was. 

And today, in the midst of going through the things that I will soon pack and pay to have moved to Albuquerque…  I found this:

 It only took me some 30 years to figure it out, but it felt good to celebrate rather than be upset or angry. I think I will make this a regular annual event, to celebrate my mother on Mother’s Day.  I’m not making any promises about the upcoming Father’s Day, but I’m going to give it a try.

So whether you are a mother, have a mother or had a mother I hope you had a wonderful mother’s day!  It feels good to celebrate, and remember the mother that I loved when I drew that picture. 

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Going to ABQ in July…. before Del Mar racing season starts so my roommie can get a roommate for the season.


  2. Yeah, … I love mom and understand it ain’t easy for mom. And that doesn’t make it easier for the rest down the chain. Still, few of us doubt Mom’s love… (we may critique her skills) … and always we love the love.


  3. This is a fabulous tribute to your mom and to her enduring spirit, and to yours. The card: “Great, fantastic…” — that spells you, too. And “thinks”: what an amazing choice. I had never thought of my mother or any elder as a thinking person. It was way past my childhood (the age when you wrote your card) that I began to consider the verb as an essential tool for living.


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