Good news for divorce attorneys!

So, whether you think that gay marriage somehow undermines the “institution of marriage” or like me (and the California Supreme Court) you think that same-sex couples should have the same rights as different-sex couples…

California Court Affirms Right to Gay Marriage
Published: May 16, 2008

Same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry, the California Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

The court’s 4-to-3 decision, striking down two state laws that had limited marriages to unions between a man and a woman, will make California only the second state, after Massachusetts, to allow same-sex marriages. The decision, which becomes effective in 30 days, is certain to be an issue in the presidential campaign. –continue reading–>

….with a divorce rate of 40-50% (depending on who’s statistics you read) and even higher apparently for born-again Christians the fact is that divorce attorneys will probably reap the benefits of this landmark California Supreme Court decision….

call me a cynic.

2 thoughts on “Good news for divorce attorneys!

  1. Interesting post…what comes to mind is how the gay community has come together on issues such as HIV and domestic partnership rights for healthcare etc. They might actually put together a social movement to improve their own relationships, something the church still has been inept in doing. Amazing how the church cannot find a way to improve basic relationship skills.

    Also, on the math, it is important to note that high divorce rates come from few people. First time newlyweds will stay together 80% of the time. Of the other 20%, 80-90% of them will marry and divorce again. And perhaps again. I know someone who was married and divorced three times before the age of 30.


  2. So imagine how happy I am to be an attorney who does family law and a gay man who was finally able to get married. June’s been a wonderful month.


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