On Feeling Old(er)

I’m not ready for middle age!

I never thought of myself as vain. Well, not much anyway. But as I prepare to move to a new place, and meet new people– young(er) people– I realize that I do care about these things.

And as I get older I realize that, whether I like it or not, people DO judge you by your looks.

I’m not lookin’ as good as I used to. I’m seeing more fine lines than before, around my eyes and lips. My skin seems to be thinner, with a little less bounce. The gray hair seems to come in a little quicker. And I don’t like it. Not one bit. I find myself wearing makeup now to cover up those tell-tale splotches and spending money on revitalizing creams and scrubs and such.

And then I had to go take that damn quiz at RealAge.com and find out I’m even older than I thought!

Have you taken your Real Age quiz yet? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Count Down

Great post over at Critical Mas, tallying up all his blog posts over the last few years.  So of course I had to go and count up mine:

  • On this blog:  246
  • JoeWelder.com:  81 (I’ll even count the posts from Joe Welder himself since I edit them and upload them)

Guest Author at:

Total:  563

That’s a lot of blogging!

Big Changes Ahead

Just got back from Albuquerque… looking for a place to live. My PLAN was to rent for 6 months, get a feel for Albuquerque and then look into buying.

One of my fellow grad students referred me to Myra the real estate agent. She toured me and my sis around on our first day knowing full well that I had no intention of buying yet, but just to give me a good idea of the neighborhoods, what’s out there, and of course to schmooze me a bit… we clicked she’s cool. She used to be a computer programmer. Anyway, she showed me this place…

I walked in and said, “This is me!”

And of course, being me, it didn’t occur to me to put an offer in or go get pre-qualified for a loan. Fortunately I had my sister with me who said, “What are you waiting for Jenn? it’s exactly what you said you wanted. What are you going to wait for?”

mi casaThe cute little vintage adobe is 3 blocks to the university, nice neighborhood, cafes and restaurants and shops within walking distance and even a grocery store two blocks away…

Next day, I got a referral for a mortgage broker, got prequalified and made an offer. By Friday we had a counter offer that I accepted and earnest money was delivered on Sunday. Now we are in escrow. Close scheduled for July 10, taking possession on July 14.

See more pics online….

Wow. crazy,huh!