Big Changes Ahead

Just got back from Albuquerque… looking for a place to live. My PLAN was to rent for 6 months, get a feel for Albuquerque and then look into buying.

One of my fellow grad students referred me to Myra the real estate agent. She toured me and my sis around on our first day knowing full well that I had no intention of buying yet, but just to give me a good idea of the neighborhoods, what’s out there, and of course to schmooze me a bit… we clicked she’s cool. She used to be a computer programmer. Anyway, she showed me this place…

I walked in and said, “This is me!”

And of course, being me, it didn’t occur to me to put an offer in or go get pre-qualified for a loan. Fortunately I had my sister with me who said, “What are you waiting for Jenn? it’s exactly what you said you wanted. What are you going to wait for?”

mi casaThe cute little vintage adobe is 3 blocks to the university, nice neighborhood, cafes and restaurants and shops within walking distance and even a grocery store two blocks away…

Next day, I got a referral for a mortgage broker, got prequalified and made an offer. By Friday we had a counter offer that I accepted and earnest money was delivered on Sunday. Now we are in escrow. Close scheduled for July 10, taking possession on July 14.

See more pics online….

Wow. crazy,huh!

14 thoughts on “Big Changes Ahead

  1. Absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!!! Jenn. Congrats on your first home and on grad school. I can’t wait to come visit 🙂


  2. When you look up the phrase “meant to be” in the dictionary there is a picture of you and this house. What a find! Congratulations.

    PS: This installment of your liberal blabbering reminds me of the truth in a comment my friend Conrad once made. Although I am paraphrasing big time, the gist of what he said was “You go to the supermarket and obsess about choosing between organic oranges and conventional ones, shop around to save a few cents on a gallon of gas (as if it really makes a difference), and make sure you use your 20% off coupons at Sheets ‘n’ Shit but when it comes to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house you walk in the door and say ‘this is it, I’ll take it.’ ”

    Welcome to the homeowners club!


  3. Hi Jenn,

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am sooooooo happy for you! What excitment lies ahead in your life. The house is totally awesome! I love it–can’t wait to see more pics. Talk to you soon. Love, Georgie


  4. I just joined the SD writers online community, and followed your link to your blog and found this posting….

    I have been thinking of moving to Albequerque for a couple of years now, and when I saw this, it made my heart sing….you don’t know me, but if you feel so inclined, would you be willing to share some more information about what you found there regarding the housing market? If so, email me, and THANKS and congrats!


  5. Came to catch up w you and wow! A huge shift has taken place… after reading for months of its about-to-start-ness, I can’t believe the time is now. And the house! What a crazy deal when you can buy such a gem so close to school and… NOT be working a job other than doing what you are there to do. whew. breathtaking. And fantastic that your sister is with you, accompanying you on this journey and knock sense back into your noggin that temporarily lost it. Will she move closer? I love how you are such good friends. I’m still in Tel Aviv and return to Atlanta Independence Day. “see you” and hugging you from here where no such housing is available except to millionaires (in money).


  6. THIS IS AMAZING. I am so excited for you and this is the most perfect home I have seen anywhere for quite some time. All the best and looking forward to the beauty ahead for you!


  7. Hey Jenn,

    Just tuned into your news & new life directions! CONGRATULATIONS! Looks like everything is coming up roses for you. Exciting about the
    graduate work in writing! Come see me if you get to Colorado. Still
    in Canon City…real estate and writing for radio.


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