On Feeling Old(er)

I’m not ready for middle age!

I never thought of myself as vain. Well, not much anyway. But as I prepare to move to a new place, and meet new people– young(er) people– I realize that I do care about these things.

And as I get older I realize that, whether I like it or not, people DO judge you by your looks.

I’m not lookin’ as good as I used to. I’m seeing more fine lines than before, around my eyes and lips. My skin seems to be thinner, with a little less bounce. The gray hair seems to come in a little quicker. And I don’t like it. Not one bit. I find myself wearing makeup now to cover up those tell-tale splotches and spending money on revitalizing creams and scrubs and such.

And then I had to go take that damn quiz at RealAge.com and find out I’m even older than I thought!

Have you taken your Real Age quiz yet? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

7 thoughts on “On Feeling Old(er)

  1. I did that before and it said I was about 4 years younger than I am. I think it would say I was even younger if it was a bit more flexible with its questioning. It said I wasn’t getting enough fish and lectured me about the importance of Omega 3’s. But while I don’t eat fish, I do take 1200mg of fish oil every day, and it didn’t give me a chance to say so.


  2. I took that test awhile back. I think it said I was five or six years older than I really am. My response was “f*** that” — and I jiggered the answers until I got something more acceptable. Like Marie, I was frustrated at the rigidity of some of the questions.

    And I feel your pain on the “I don’t like the way I look” issue. Lately I’ve been daydreaming about what I would do if money weren’t an object, and I had a guarantee of good results. The problem is I couldn’t decide where to stop!


  3. Based on how it made you feel, there’s no way I’m taking that quiz!

    Off-topic, because it appears I’m at a loss for words, hope you had a great 4th!


  4. I took the REAL AGE test back in 2004 and it pegged me 7.9 years younger. REAL AGE has a good weekly newsletter. I believe they are based in San Diego.


  5. I got sucked in and I’m 39.4 years in Real Age years. But none of this matters, as long as my legs carry me up hill and down, and my brain can do critical thinking, who cares how many wrinkles I’ve got.


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