Life in the Duke City

I don’t know how it got to be so long between posts.

Hmm. that’s a lie. I spent the latter part of June and the beginning of July packing. Then I moved. And I am still unpacking, or rather trying to figure out where things belong in their new home.

The furniture that was in my large bedroom is now split between three rooms (bed and nightstands in bedroom, two large bookshelves in living room, desk in office). My dresser was left in the closet in Solana Beach, so now I have no dresser. I thought it would be easier to find one, but alas I am waiting for the perfect dresser. Or at least waiting for one I really really like and don’t mind spending some money on.

My office is set up and I am back at work. I’m finding telecommuting difficult. A challenge, really. It’s funny because I don’t consider myself to be the most SOCIAL person at work, however I totally miss my peeps at the office. You know, hanging at the water cooler. Well, maybe not the water cooler, but certainly the coffee pot.

Now I talk to my cats. And the nice people at Lowe’s where I go a couple of times a week. I’ve bought a garden hose, trash cans, and cleaning supplies. Then I bought paint, which of course is never just paint, it’s drop cloths and rollers and then sandpaper, and of course a power sander because I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to buy a power tool…..

Anyway, I painted the one ugly faux finished wall in the kitchen a nice turquoise blue (left wall), to complement the basic blue of the other walls (right wall). Now of course I want to paint the cabinets…. I may have to call in a professional….

I still don’t have a stove but it will allegedly arrive tomorrow. Well let me say, I DO have a stove but I am afraid of it. Vintage is a kind word. The home inspection guy says its safe. That the funny smell is the pilot light. But I have to use a lighter to light a burner. And it is HUGE and has a rotisserie that I will never use. So I bought not only a new fridge but also a washer dryer (high efficiency stackables) and now the stove is on its way.

Some day soon I’ll take more pictures. Maybe when I get everything put away. OR at least hidden in a closet or thrown in the basement….

I did go out to a web geeks happy hour at what was my favorite restaurant, Nob Hill Bar and Grill (you can read about the scene I caused -> ) Met some great web geek folks. Actually some I had met last month when I went to the monthly gathering for the first time.

Tomorrow I meet some incoming grad students at a local pizza joint, and orientation happens next Wednesday. Classes begin on August 25, so I’ll have lots more work to do, and people to talk to! yeah!