Outrage doesn’t even cover this one

Obama effigy hung from tree at US Christian college

LOS ANGELES (AFP) — Officials at a US Christian college have launched an investigation after a cardboard effigy of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was hung from a tree, a statement said Wednesday.
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And they call themselves Christians?

2 thoughts on “Outrage doesn’t even cover this one

  1. Well, uh, since when does identification as a practitioner of or believer in any religion equate to affirming universal justice and pursuing it mightily? Outrage, condemnation, and modeling “choose-any-religion” assumptions about the presence of the divine in all creatures are some stances that might challenge, turn around, educate the bigots. And exposing them in image and word on your blog helps us to stop and ponder instead of numbing up (which I often do, to my shame, in denial and defense against the weariness of it all).


  2. you’re right Tamar…. I could have said, “and they call themselves human?”

    Religion does not equate to affirming universal justice, but as you know, in this country, in these times of late, many tout their Christianity as proof that they are somehow better than then [fill in the blank, but usually liberals] and more fit to govern…

    The cynic in me doubts that me exposing “them” will change anything, but my blog is my little space in the world to be outraged, to muse, to poke fun, to write a ditty, to even spew trendy blabber.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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