Sometimes you just gotta say WTF!

Let me first say, I love my job. I love the company I work for (go and my boss (who happens to also be the owner of the company) rocks. Thank god. ‘Cause if he didn’t I’d probably be fired.  I shared a little bit of news about one of our vendors that apparently they didn’t want made public.

Here’s the story….

One of my roles is Editor of two company blogs. My boss pretty much lets me blog about what I want, although he always has things to say also (great stories I wish he’d tell more of!).

Anyway, one of the ways I find things is by setting up Google Alerts. So, the other day I got an alert on one of my keywords– the vendor name– and I clicked to check out what was new on the world wide web and Hello! Vendor’s new website is posted online. Yeah, it was in a part of their website that probably wasn’t supposed to be public…. but I couldn’t resist. The new site looks a damn site better than what they have now….  and my boss actually approved this post.

Their current site is circa 1999 and created by someone’s high school kid, I can only assume, complete with an animated GIF of an American flag. It’s ghastly….

So I took a screen shot, edited out the location and posted a sneak peek.  I mentioned we were really excited to see the nice clean graphics, and some of the new features like the Help Me Choose The Right Thingamajig Tool, and we were eager for the launch…  

Were they excited about the publicity?  No.  Let me rephrase that. FUCK NO.

The first dude that called, a customer service manager or something said,

“Please remove the picture and details from the site that references our new site. We don’t want our competion to see what we are doing – we are not sure how you even got that.  When the time is right in Q4 we will do a press release. We don’t want any other news about it until then…”

Then the second dude called, someone higher up on the food chain. A big muckety-muck I believe is the official term.  He practically called my boss out, like he was gonna beat him up or something.  “I want to talk to you man to man…   I’ll be looking for you at the show” he said, referencing a big trade show next week.  

Apparently all hell has broken loose in corporate America.  Not because of the financial crisis, but because of little ole me.  It was a big secret that they were building a new web page, and now their competition is going to know all about their big secret website.  A website that has been 4 years in the making, (and 10 years overdue in my estimation).

Thankfully my boss is backing me up–  even though he could totally throw me under the bus. But he’s not that kind of guy.  And hopefully he won’t come back from the show with a black eye.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you just gotta say WTF!

  1. And you would think that their technical team could keep the website out of the public domain until they were ready. I guess their IT department isn’t thinking very well.


  2. yeah. IT department? our IT department is bigger than theirs… they outsource to a marketing and PR company. And its still in the public domain, indexed by google and everything… I keep getting gettin google alerts… except now you have to have a password to get to it.


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