How Low Can You Go?

No, this is not a post about McCain’s “that one” remark, or his refusal to shake hands….

It’s about gas prices in Albuquerque.

Not sure what prices are like at the gas stations in my old stomping grounds of San Diego— when I left in July they were nearing $4 per gallon. At Costco!

Things are sure different here:

Drivers line up for cheap gas

People in New Mexico and around the country are getting a break at the pump as oil prices plummet.

The average price of gas in Albuquerque hasn’t been at $2.85 for about a year. That’s why the Phillip’s 66 at Lowes in northwest Albuquerque is jam packed with people trying to save a few bucks.

People haven’t been this happy around a gas station for a long time.


Of course the median income in New Mexico is something like $34,000/year

2 thoughts on “How Low Can You Go?

  1. This is NOT a helpful comment though that it the opposite outcome I would want. My aim is to share that gas prices in Europe and Israel (I don’t know about elsewhere though I can only guess…) have been around $10/gallon many years already. And median salaries there are not always as much as $34K/annum. The USA has had an artificially low cost of gas thanks to all kinds of lobbies, none of which care about public transportation as much as about private (and polluting) vehicles that are increasingly less affordable by regular working people. I don’t imagine instant changes from a new administration though I expect strategies to be developed and put into place for changes in our lifetime.


  2. Tamar, you are correct.
    I think that even the current economic situation, in the US we enjoy a particularly affluent lifestyle, and in fact take for granted many many things, including low gas prices. I personally don’t mind that gas prices are high. High prices mean people think about driving, maybe consider walking or riding a bike or taking a bus.

    Albuquerque is pretty encouraging of public transit. And a bonus as a student I get a free bus pass!

    I too don’t imagine much will change instantly either. I can only hope that we move in the right direction.

    THANKS for stopping by and sharing!


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