My and my sister

As the days turn cooler here in New Mexico, and nights drop below freezing, I cling to thoughts of the beach. The last time I was on the beach was last month. The tide was low, and the sun was sinking, warm on my face and my sister was by my side.


4 thoughts on “My and my sister

  1. In our first conversation, we dived deep into a converstion about mothers and sisters. And you struck me as a rich woman. This Thanksgiving season (what a weird concept to have an essential attitude hyped or commercialized…) I am giving thanks for you, your blog, your sisterhood with your biological sister (I reckon), and our friendship. xo

    PS Can you tell that I am a wee tad jealous of the sisterhood with your nuclear family sis?


  2. Well, friend, I’m back, no other post to sign onto with my holiday greetings and wishes for the best year ever… starting before midnight this Wednesday (I am an early retirer;-) You are a faraway sister in miles/kilometers only. I love our friendship, and your courage and moxie teach me. I still can’t get over those photos of your unpacked boxes within minutes (almost) of moving to a foreign place. Rock and write on. xoxo


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