4 thoughts on “This picture pretty much says it

  1. Any you keep playing and driving hard and finding your voice and submitting and driving hard and resubmitting and … remember the 9 steps to being a winner (see Little Miss Sunshine if you don’t recall). And you’ve got to love it! It is an intimate part of being a writer!


  2. Hey, that’s exciting. I’ve heard you have to get a bunch of those out of the way before the other stuff happens. I know, being a visual artist, that rejection is just part of the deal. Not everybody can like everything. That’d be boring, or something. I’ve only ever received the rejection notices for writing… because I gave up on it so long ago. But I am excited to retry now!
    You are inspiring.

    PS Do you recommend wordpress for a blog hoster?
    I’m going to do it!


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