Happy Birthday Dad….

Hope you’re eating the biggest baddest hot dog in heaven! loaded with the works: saurkraut, mustard, onions, pickles, ketchup….
Dad with a Hot Dog

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad….

  1. Yeah, the ol’ dog loves a hot dog. It’s all American.

    But it’s really about the love, isn’t it? Photographs, memories and the love.


  2. Seeing the very words hot dog made me read “works” as “worst.” Shows my thoughts on the food item. Yet what matters not are such thoughts; rather, how I love your love for your dad. Offering up the best birthday treat he might have imagined, and from a look-alike daughter who so does him proud. The scene is across from the Mall in DC, right? Or is it a Disney version of this great scene of history, culture, and recent Inaugural celebration among so many down (and up ahead) the centuries?


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