I’m Still a Rock Star, I Got My Rock Moves

My friend Karin asked me in an email how it feels to be a rock star. And I have to say it’s quite stressful. I’m coming home for a visit this weekend, and it sorta feels like I’m a rock star, everybody want to see me, spend time with, there’s so much to do, so little time.

Here’s my schedule:

Arrive 2pm. Pick Up Rental Car (so my sister won’t have to cart me around) 5pm Dinner with Rick. 7pm San Diego Writers Dime Stories Open Mic at The Grove. I’ll be reading an excerpt from a work in progress– piece that began in San Diego sparked from a writing prompt at the San Diego Writers Ink Write-A-Thon fundraiser last year. 9pm drinks after with some folks.

a.m. Debby wants me to take a pilates class (we’ll see if I get my assouta bed in time for that). The day is reserved for Debby time. Which means I’ll be in a whirlwind all day. 7pm BBQ / B-day party for my roommate…. At last count, the guest list is up to about 20. Not sure. It’s a bring your own meat party (Poor grad student here) I will be buying a lot of lettuce for the big salad I’m making. OH and it turns out my aunt and uncle will be in town too…

Brunch with a friend. We may do a Flat Stanley day (if Stanley makes it into town on time).
4pm Beach Walk with Friend. 7pm. Dinner. somewhere. with someone. not sure. I’m getting confused….

Day at the office. Yeah! Kooky I know, most people don’t like to go to work. But I miss my office mates, telecommuting and skyping just isn’t the same. 5pm. Happy Hour with the office peeps.
Dinner. somewhere. with someone.

Half day at office. And I may try to get some homework done. hahahahahahhaahha. Dinner with a friend from L.A. 7pm The Main Event: Dime Stories Showcase at UCSD. I’ll be one of 15 fabulous writers of the mini story. Dime stories are “Equal parts seductive and tiny, DimeStories are funny. They’re heartwrenching… They’re fictional or factual but, either way, they’re all true…”

I’m super excited to have been invited to participate in the showcase.  This monthly event, parts of which are being sculpted into a public radio show, really started up after I left San Diego.  When I realized I needed to come home at least for a few days every semester, I decided to schedule one time when I could attend the Dime Stories Showcase, and when I asked when the next one would be, I was invited to participate.  I am truly honored. It was not my intention to finagle a spot on stage–  I mostly wanted to check out what they’re doing.  Prose readings / open mics are hard to come by. Poets have all the fun….

9 am. (or is it 10am? I better check my ticket) Depart San Diego.  sigh. You can see why I am feeling stress. Rtn to ABQ noonish. 7pm class.

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