spring sprang sprung

I swear it happened overnight. One day the trees were naught but empty branches reaching for blue sky. And today… green leaves sprouted. I only blinked. What happened?

3 thoughts on “spring sprang sprung

  1. Oh, your word and image pictures are divine. And so is your blog’s images-changing banner. Thank you for bringing your part of this Earth to me on its other side. xoxo


  2. Here in San Diego, in just the last few days, so many trees are budding. Because it’s warm year round, and there are so many trees that don’t lose any leaves, you don’t notice the ones that do… until suddenly there are baby green buds EVERYWHERE! It’s so cheerful.

    But I have never gotten, in California, that amazing feeling from back east, the first warm day, when you can go out without a coat, and you can roll down the car window when you drive. In fact you MUST roll it down, and turn up the radio, or you will just burst with giddiness!


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