More Spring Stuff

According the to the Wikipedia article on the Ladderback Woodpecker, he’s out and about year round. However, I just noticed him for the first time the other day. I did not have my camera, but this little guy was peeking his head up above the fence. A wooden fence. I hope he had a nice little snack.

Although I’ve always said that San Diego does indeed have seasons, they really are more subtle.  Here in New Mexico, there is a surprising amount of spring action going on.  

I feel like a total dork walking around town stopping to closely examine each and every budding plant along the way, to touch them, to smell them.  It’s all so alien to me.  Who knew a desert would be so green!

The trees are budding as I noted a couple of days ago, I’m seeing birds that I’ve not seen, and everyone is sneezing–  juniper and chamisa in bloom and what looks like some fruit trees bursting with pink and white flowers seem to be the main culprits.  

All of the sudden I’ve got the urge to do yard work.   I started yesterday cleaning up a small flower bed in my back yard that has some tiny daffodils peeking out of the ground.  They just really needed to be free of the leaves that had fallen off the big elm tree.  Of course it didn’t stop there….  I had to clean up the leaves in the side yard too.  Raking, sweeping and shoveling leaves.  It felt good to be outside.  To do physical work.  Of course now I am sore, but it feels good.  I am eager to do more.

If only I had more time. 

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