Fun with Flat Stanley

Last week when I was visiting San Diego, my friend Ralph and I toured Flat Stanley around town.

It was a blast.  We hope Stanley comes to visit again.  

The Flat Stanley project is a combination community art project / literacy program / geography lesson that kids in the 1st or 2nd grade do.  Kids get a Flat Stanley to color as they like, then mail him off to a friend or relative that lives in a different locale.

Our Stanley came from Ralph’s seven-year-old nephew Ryan, who lives in Illinois, a town called Huntley that Ralph, who grew up in the city of Chicago, says is the Algonquin word for “way the fuck out there.” Note, it is fifty plus miles northwest of Chicago. 

Stanley enjoyed his tour of San Diego, especially since the weather was sunny, and mid-seventies, while the weather in Illinois was still what could only be classified as The Dead of Winter.  

Check out the photos from Stanley’s San Diego tour here–> be be warned the page will load a little slowly.  Lots of photos.  Lots of megabytes.

One thought on “Fun with Flat Stanley

  1. Last year, Flat Stanley arrived in Tel Aviv from Philly — the guest of my roommate Sharon. Everything about the little guy, his mission and the rich experiences he engendered at home and abroad, rang authentic. If schools (and the people who run them) would toss the stale and disconnected curricula and get behind real students with real interests, our species woud be in a lot better shape. And young adults might not think the sixtes were about bell-bottom pants, and that the Vietnam War was around the time of the Civil War (whatever that was about).


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