Literature for the Ear

I love audio. I love radio. I love literature. And I’m a geek…  and, since I don’t have nearly enough to do (HAH!)  I’ve started a literary audio magazine (online only), Writers Out Loud: Literature for the Ear.

Screen Shot of


A special thanks to Midge Raymond, who eagerly submitted the first piece, The Ecstatic Cry, an excerpt from her book Forgetting English. I’m honored to have a prize winning writer want submit a piece to this new venture.

I’ll officially launch the site after this semester ends–  mid May, and plan to do some full-on media blitzes.  If you’d like YOUR piece to be showcased alongside Midge’s DO submit your work.

I’ve put the call out to some really fine writers I know, and am hoping they will follow Midge’s lead, fire up Garage Band on their MAC or download Audacity for their PC and have fun with sound!


One thought on “Literature for the Ear

  1. YOU who call yourself US on the About page of your yet-another-fantastic idea have launched a project for the millennium for readers, writers, listeners producers, and more — a planet-wide group. GREAT GREAT GREAT. I imagine, when you invite participants to define the boundaries of their work (within your wise boundaries), you include the geographical kind, too. Here’s a group that would be inspired by your brand-new baby!

    You go, Jenn!


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