I’m an Urban Farmer

Or maybe just a gardener. I’m not sure what the difference is….  but the fact is that for the first time ever in my life I have a vegetable garden.  And it is so awesome!

I’m growing tomatos, squash, corn, peppers, eggplant, melon, sunflower, basil, cilantro and other various herbs (all legal) Here’s some pictures…

Tomatos This picture was taken on May 31. The tomatos were planted around the 20th of May.  I bought tomato plants rather than try to start from seeds. There are four different varieties. I also bought the eggplant (to the left of the tomatos)  in 4 in. containers–  two japanese eggplant and one regular.

To the left of the eggplant is the squash that didn’t seem too happy there…  a few did germinate, but they have since been moved.

To the right of the marigolds is cucumber not yet sprouted.

I’ve dug channels around the garden to move the water, though mostly I’m using the buried sprinkler hose to water the soil deeply.

Tomatos in Albuquerque

These pictures were taken on June 17. you can see how well they are doing, and the eggplant to the left are flourishing.

I planted sandia peppers (the local chile) and to the right of the tomato you can see how the cucumber is doing, and the large patch of green is cilantro…   salsa!!

Along the back wall you’ll see some spindly plants–  that’s some sunflowers that were started from seed, and left in the tray too long. I’m hoping they will thrive now that they will have some nice rich soil.

Melons and more

Here’s the garden from another angle.  You can see I’ve got walking paths, and have mulched, and right up front here to the right is herbs:  thyme, sage, and mint.
To the left is melon.
The trays you see are filled with mystery seeds. Somehow lost the tags…
Anyway I’m really pleased with how things are growing and looking forward to some vegetables!

5 thoughts on “I’m an Urban Farmer

  1. Yikes. I’ve consented to let my neighbors two tomato plants spend the summer in my little garden patio. I’ve got the sun. And I thought he’d do the watering… I prefer watching YOUR garden grow. Did you build the house for the little darlings, too?


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