It’s all about image…

… the image of welding at least. I was just informed that I have won the IMAGE OF WELDING AWARD:

Congratulations! The American Welding Society and Welding Equipment Manufacturers Committee are pleased to announce that you have been selected to receive the 2009 Image of Welding Award for the Individual category. You will be recognized for your exemplary dedication to promoting the image of welding in your community at the AWS and FABTECH Welding Show in Chicago, Illinois.

We invite you to join us to receive your award at the Image of Welding Awards Ceremony on Monday, November 16, 2009, at 11:15 AM, at the McCormick Place Convention Center. You are welcome to invite your family and friends to celebrate this wonderful achievement.

SO… if anyone is going to be in Chicago, and wants to come to a luncheon with bunch of welders…  well let me know!  ’cause I’m going to get my award in person!

Here’s what “my boss” said in the application:

Jennifer took the lead on developing two industry leading blogs for and

As Jennifer learned more about the welding industry, she became fascinated with the stories behind the people in the industry, and particularly the women in the industry, of which there are few. As of 2006 only 6% of welders were women according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, in spite of a projected shortage of welders, and the fact that there are good paying jobs out there.

With a hat tip to Rosie the Riveter, the iconic World War II factory worker, Jennifer developed a regular feature on the blog called “The New Rosies.” ( Through this column she has profiled women who weld in a variety of industries, chipping away at some of the lingering stereotypes about women who weld and some of the misconceptions about what kind of work welding is. With the blog, Jennifer initiated a feature called “Show Me The Metal” ( to profile all kinds of interesting welders and a variety of welding applications.

Both of these endeavors have showcased the incredible people in our industry to well over 130,000 web views world wide in the past year alone.

Jennifer has also contributed to the technical library, writing white papers on everything from tungsten electrode preparation to safe welding practices. She has also written several articles for industry trade magazines and contributed in several online forums, including guest posting on other industry blogs. Educating the industry has become a major goal for Arc-Zone, because as Jennifer likes to say, “it’s not just about selling stuff.”

3 thoughts on “It’s all about image…

  1. This is GREAT news! I still have friends in Chicago (a city I love)

    Congratulations!!!! I’m very excited for you and your accomplishment!


  2. This post helps me to understand what you were doing pre-grad school, and what an incredible contribution you made at that workplace. When we met a BlogHer in 06 (eeeek! a zillion years ago), I understood you had a way cool boss. And his letter supports the claim-) Good for you, for him, for the industry. Who woulda known? And though I had been a technical writer in my career, this post reminded me how hard the work, how important the contribution not only to one’s own development but to lifting the veils and exposing the facts about people, processes, and more. Congrats, Jen.


  3. Hey look at this! Whoeee whoptido! That’s really something! November 16th watch out!
    Sincere congratulations you are very deserving of the award!


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