Buddah Board :: Day 2

CIMG2411So not only am I uncomfortable with the impermanence, now I find I must analyze,  interpret, find some meaning in the lines and dots and dashes and swoops.

Both manifestations have what could be considered an eye. Is this the opening up of the eye?  a reminder to see?  to look at myself.  Perhaps this is my third eye I am drawing.  I wonder if I will get to the point that I can just let it be.

Yes, I know this is only day two. Yes, I know, I am over analyzing.  It’s what I do.  What do you think?

One thought on “Buddah Board :: Day 2

  1. I see a fabulous one-eyed body-free millipede-d creature. Analyze away. It’s your life, board, and blog (to which, I am so happy, you’ve returned!). FB doesn’t cut it for me. Way too text-message-y and moment-by-moment for my taste. I prefer the more laid back, er… (more) eternal truths of posts.


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