Writers’ March Day One

SO yesterday I joined with my friend Samantha Tetangco for the Spring Writer’s March. It’s like NANIWRIMO but not. Check it out and join us if you like.

My goal:  to write for 5 hours a day.  That sounds crazy, especially to me. It’s not that I have not written five hours in a day before, but that I’m committing to doing it everyday.  Each and every day during March.

Here’s my vision:

Awake around 7am-ish.  Hang out in bed, listen to Morning Edition on KUNM

8am-ish. Breakfast, shower, Facebook, email…

9 am – 11:30 am WRITE.  Put my butt in the chair and write.  Note that writing will include:  actual writing (either pen on paper or fingers to keyboard), reading (literature stuff– like for inspiration), editing, revising, submitting work, researching, and the obligatory staring at the computer screen.

11:30 am go to Yoga (if it weren’t for the construction project on my street, I could leave at 11:45am, but I never know how I’ll be able to get out of my neighborhood!)

1:30pm Home, lunchtime (check Facebook, email again), more writing…. in other words, during this time I have to get in another two and a half hours of writing.  Should be do-able, right?

I’ll report back…

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