Random Thoughts from a Reality TV Show Junkie

Ok, I’m not really a reality t.v. show junkie–  but there are a few that fascinate me,  and here’s why, in no particular order:

1. Project Runway.  I love seeing how people make stuff.  I like to see how different artists / designers approach each challenge. I like to watch the designers sewing stuff–  so far beyond my junior high school home ec class sewing achievements!  and for the record I still think that Mondo was robbed!!!!

2. America’s Next Top Model.  Crazy, I know.  I’m not a model, will never be a model, didn’t take modeling in junior high school…  so why the fascination?  Mostly it’s the creative aspect of the photo shoots, how make up and lighting and body movement makes a piece of art, a photo, and realizing it’s not always the prettiest girls who take the best pictures.

3. Made. I don’t watch this one often, but when I do I really enjoy it.  I wish they had a program like this for adults– I’d sign up.  The premise is simple; the show’s (contestant? player? star?) has a dream, but lacks the self confidence and skills to make it happen…  the tuba player wants to be a football player, the overweight couch potato wants to be prom queen; you get the idea.  They are assigned a coach, and the training begins.

4. Undercover Boss. Actually I have mixed feelings about this one (and my next one).   Some CEO boss from A Big Corporation (Waste Management, 7-11, etc) goes undercover as an employee.  Then they meet some employee who works for the company for shit wages while supporting a special needs kid, a spouse with cancer and a parent in a nursing home. And the CEO is like, wow, I’m so blessed.  I can’t believe I have such awesome employees who work so hard for shit wages!  And then at the end they pass out Scholarships, Raises, Invitations to Management as if they were party favors.  At first I was like, oh, it’s so nice to see these hard working, deserving folks get a little extra, a hand up, some understanding, a bit of appreciation….  but later, I think about it and wonder.  Did these bosses really not know that there are hundreds of thousands of barely-making-it, hard-working people out there?  It takes them going undercover to realize it? Is there really so little empathy in the world?

5. Secret Millionaire.  Much like the above, only this show puts millionaires into contact with poor people.  While they are meeting these people they have to live like they poor do– in sub par apartments in marginal neighborhoods.  NO gated communities for these millionaires!  Again, it’s as if these folks are so insulated and so out of tune with, you know, fellow humans, that it takes this kind of experience to make them aware, and then pass out checks to those they feel really deserve their money.  I mean it’s great that these awesome people get money to do their charity work (the one episode I saw awarded a soup kitchen run by these awesome elderly ladies, a family run organization that re-decorates bedrooms for kids with cancer, and a music school).  But, are we really so disconnected from each other that we have to sign up to be on  “reality” t.v. show to connect with people that don’t live the exact same lifestyle as we do or have as much money as we do?  It’s weird.

Anyway, I’ll leave my fascination with The Bachelor/ Bachelorette for another day…  and get back to my writing!!


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