Publishing News

My friend, colleague, and fellow blogger Elizabeth Tannen (she’s a much more prolific blogger than I am) recently had an essay published on a website called  She’d run into it when she read anessay there by author Debra Monroe, who, by the way, is teaching at the Taos Summer Writers’ Conference this summer– see how this all circles around…

Just a note too, this is one of the things I love about my colleagues there may be a bit of good natured competition (which feels to me more like, hey– if she can do it so can I!) ultimately we’re on the lookout for opportunities for each other,  are happy to share tips, look over each others work before we submit, and even offer one more read and critique.

“They’re publishing one of my essays… for ‘mom week’ and I thought you might want to send them something,” Elizabeth said. would be publishing Elizabeth’s essay, “My Mom Reads My Blog.”

Although I have a TON of stuff written about my Mom, I struggled to pull something together that would be a cohesive essay, and would fit with the tone of  The vibe over there seems to be a uplifting, positive messages for women, a sort of “Live Your Best Life” vibe (more on that later). I wasn’t comfortable sending  some of my drearier writing (you know, death, cancer); it didn’t feel right.  Instead, I sent them, “Mom’s Chicken Divan,” adding a few more orienting details, and I removed my former roommate from the story, mostly to narrow the persona–  it was a short piece, not enough room to develop too many characters (sorry Susann!)  Anyway, they accepted it, and Lois (the creative director/editor) even made a few edits (with my permission) that really helped the piece.


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