Free DVDs

When my Dad died in 2006, my sister and I inherited a ton of DVDs.  Most of them were of movies neither I nor my sister were interested in ever watching (like all the Bruce Willis Die Hard movies) and the collection of Steven Seagal flicks…  as sensitive and progressive as my Dad was, this was proof that in the end, he was a guy–  a guy who served in the U.S. Navy for 30 years.

Most of those movies we donated to an organization that puts together care packages for troops serving overseas.  In fact, I had this great idea to put stickers on each DVD that said, “From the George Simpson DVD Memorial Collection” and directed folks to a website,  I don’t think anyone ever went to that site–  either not seeing the sticker, or the sticker had fallen off…  oh well, the important part was that we got those movies to people who would appreciate them.

Dad had an interesting collection, though that included some less testosterone-laden movies.  Some I saved so I could watch (The Virgin Suicides)  , or save (Logan’s Run, Manchurian Candidate -the original)….  and some, that I have never watched, and now 5+ years later realize I never will.

SO. if you would like to claim any of these titles, let me know:

The Good Thief

Stayin’ Alive

The Edge

The Man in the Moon

The Virgin Suicides


A Walk to Remember


and…  The Complete First Season of the original Superman TV Show and Superman and the Mole Men (full-length feature)  bundled together in one nifty box set.


3 thoughts on “Free DVDs

  1. Jenn, Would you hold the Superman set for me! I have a family member who will be totally thrilled by that. Can I send you money to send it to her directly? There is no hurry, but I’m not anticipating a trip to ABQ any time soon.



  2. Silkwood (1983) remains a keeper after all those years since its debut. A great film to watch and discuss with self or others on the subject of your current post, Patriotism… Thanks for sharing a(nother) deeply moving post on your Dad’s life and on your and your sister’s loving tribute to him and to the troops serving overseas.


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