17 Shades of Blue

Over on Judy Reeves’ blog she’s blogging 20 Ways to Make It Better.  The “homework” she assigned for #7 (Be specific): Write 17 shades of blue, give me nine kinds of cake. Describe something “beautiful.”

So here we go…


1. Levi Strauss standard denim blue / faded denim blue / acid wash blue

2. Cornflower blue

3. Sky blue

4. Sapphire blue

5. Turquoise blue

6. Glacier blue

7. Tiffany blue

8. Aqua blue

9. Blue-green or Green-blue (are they different?)

10. Blueberry blue (it’s almost a purple with a gray blush)

11. Cobalt blue

12. Ocean at midnight blue

13. Navy blue

14. Playroom blue

15. Crystal blue

16. Icy blue (same as glacier?)

17. the sparkly blue of my Granddad’s eyes (Grandma used to say all the girls called him “dreamboat”)

18. Wedgewood blue

I stalled at number 12 and began walking around my house looking for blue.

I don’t have a lot of blue things in my house.

It’s too cold to go outside to take a look…

And if you’re looking for a color, a good website to check out is the Pantone.com, the source for all things color.



1. Chocolate cake

2. Pound cake

3. Lemon poppyseed cake

4. Angel food cake

5. Bundt cake

6. Pineapple upside-down cake

7. Fruitcake

8. Carrot cake

9. Shortcake with strawberries on top

Now I want to go eat cake.


Something beautiful:

So many beautiful things to choose from:  my cat Cleo’s eyes–pupils ringed in sapphire blue, broken green glass from a beer bottle softened by ocean sand, the January moon rising over the Sandia mountains at twilight…  I may have to think about this more.

Thanks Judy!




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