Stuff and Things and What’s Next?

The dreaded post MFA question:  What are you going to do NOW?


Somehow I seem to find myself rather busy.  I’m working on revising, rewriting, and revamping my work-in-progress book, Reconstructing My Mother.    I’ve been to Taos, to the Taos Summer Writer’s Conference, I’m heading to New York, and San Diego…

Other creative projects:

I’ve been working on DimeStories as I am now the Director of DimeStories International.  I’m revamping the website, am  creating an online virtual open mic, and perhaps a print anthology of DimeStories, and producing more modules for radio…

I also started another online project, The I Write Because Project.  That has been gaining tremendous traction, over 1000 visitors the first week!  And submissions from around the country and from people I don’t even know.

I’m also doing some freelance writing (and available for more work). You can check out my professional website at

So what’s next?  who knows.  I’m trying to follow my heart and am hoping the money will follow.