About Jenn, aka JeSais



I speak Spanish
and a little Portuguese
some French
and even a few words of German:
koenntest du mir bitte die butter reichen.
(don’t laugh, it came in handy when my roommate’s parents came to visit.)
I’m messy.
I love the feeling of cool sand between my toes.
My favorite tea is Mint Medley  Blood Orange Rooibus Herbal Tea from the New Mexico Tea Company.
I have an MFA in Creative Writing.
I read.
I like brussel sprouts.
I make awesome pozole.
I love to write with a purple Sharpie(r) Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker.
I think David Byrne is a musical genius.


Think you know me?

I’m the Jennifer Simpson who is the sister of Debby Simpson, daughter of Donna and George Simpson.

I’m the Jennifer Simpson who went to James Madison High School, James Kilmer Junior High, Wolftrap Elementary, Pearl Ridge Elementary, Alva Scott Elementary, and Cadmen Elementary.

I’m the Jennifer Simpson whose father (not to mention both grandfathers and a great grandfather) was in the Navy–we moved around a lot.

I’m the Jennifer Simpson who has lived in six states, traveled in 10 countries on three continents.

If you think you know me, drop me a line!


2 thoughts on “About Jenn, aka JeSais

  1. Saludos desde Planet Mexicali!

    I just saw your page on San Diego Writers website. I see you are an MFA student. I’m finishing up mine UC Riverside. I like your garden. In my backyard I have a “huerto” de chiles…

    Please accept this letter as a call for submissions to our exciting new border magazine – Planet Mexicali.
    My name is Jay Lewenstein. By day I teach community college English composition classes and by night, I am a writer. Please check out my most recent publications this past year in the Chariton Review, Rambler Magazine and the latest edition of Norton’s anthology for Best Creative-Nonfiction Writing 2009.
    I write about the border, and with this entry into online publication, I look forward to bringing my students and readers to an exciting and motivating place, this constantly emerging, always moving, awe-inspiring geography and culture looming in the shadows of the iron fence that divides the U.S. and Mexico.
    I read both the Mexican and Gringo sides of Tijuana, Mexicali, Yuma and Juarez. I like Paco Ignacio Taibo and Charles Bowden and Maria Amparo Escandon. In our first issue look for poetry from Mexicali’s own Gabriel Trujillo Muñoz, and a book review of Kem Nunn’s Tijuana Straits by yours truly.
    Here I ask you and your writing friends to get involved. Would any of you be interested in submitting fiction, nonfiction or poetry for our first issue to be published in February, 2010? Send us your experience and your passion.
    Attached to this email, I have copies of our cover and submission guidelines.
    For further information, contact me by email: jay@planetmexicali.com
    Jay Lewenstein

    P.s. I don’t know how to send attachments here, so you can check out our magazine conver and submission guidelines at planetmexicali.com. (It’s a work in progress. We hope to get our first issue done over the winter break)


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