Interview with Summer Wood

In the workshop I took with you at the Taos Summer Writers’ Conference, “Writing the Where of It,” you talked about place as more than the landscape. I remember touring around town while you explained the land itself as well as the history of the land and how that affects every aspect of life in Taos, from the kinds of work people do, the buildings, the history, the culture, even the politics. Can you talk about how your idea of place is woven into Wrecker?


A friend of mine (to whom I lent my copy of Wrecker) grew up in northern California and commented on your rich descriptions of Humboldt County. Where does that knowledge come from?



Wrecker includes a kind of motley but good-hearted cast of characters… What was the inspiration for these characters and how did you get to know them so well?


I think my favorite character in Wrecker is Len. He is what you would call “a good man.” Although I’ve seen him described as taciturn, I think he feels things deeply—maybe too deeply to say aloud and I can relate to that (it’s probably why I write). Do you have a favorite character? If so, who and why?


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