Live. From L.A. It’s LA Bloggers Live

SO… I was thinking I would read my Me and Billy Crystal post. But it was an audio post already, so if you really want to hear about Me and Billy Crystal, you can listen here at my blog. Then I got the brilliant idea that I would read a post from one year ago. But “Not. Good. Enough,” it is a bit of a downer.

I’ve opted to read two posts. One, what I have since developed into what I call my Barbie Rant, but started here as a blog post, so I will read it in its original raw form. Very hard for me to not tweak it, or read it in its now polished form. I’ll also read something a little different, I’m not a poet.

Hopefully we’ll get the audio recording working and I’ll post here.
If you are in the LA area… drop on by. 6:30 pm at the Tangier Lounge.

See Me Live

Thursday, June 28.

Yes, I know I am not based in L.A.

HOWEVER, I do read some L.A. Bloggers like LeahPeah, and CitizenoftheMonth (although I may have to stop reading that one since Neil called me a narcissistic fool)

BESIDES, there’s no cool blogging stuff like this happening in San Diego since Joe and Leah moved “up there,” so I’m going.

And if you show up you’ll get to hear me live, along with:

Erin from Queen of Spain

Joe from Artlung

Lynda from One Day at a Time

Deezee from Confessional Highway

Neil from Citizen of the Month

Abigail from My Life According to Me

Maybe I’ll steal the idea and bring it to San Diego.

Or maybe you’ll just have to catch me in LA.

And tell an LA friend. The club, the Tangier Lounge looks cool.

SO. Should I do a reprise of the Me and Billy Crystal audio blog? guaranteed to bring the crowd to tears – OR – something about Barbie and pert boobs?

The real Billy Crystal

billy crystalI could have sworn I checked the spelling.
But somehow my fingers typed the ‘h’ not once,
not twice
but 87 times.
Okay, perhaps that is an exaggeration…

The editor of actually joked (via email to me) that perhaps their spam filter screens for misspellings. yikes. my bad. big bad. I spelled Billy Crystal’s name wrong.

I even rank third in Google Search for “Billy Crystal” misspelled. yikes. cached in The Google for god knows how long. Hopefully with this post, I will rank just as high for the correct spelling of Billy Crystal.

And perhaps, my dream will come true… that Billy Crystal will find my blog (do celebrities google themselves like we do– you know you do, admit it– or do they have “people” to do that for them?).

I did go back and correct the blog post that referenced “Me and Billy Crystal” to the correct spelling, “Billy Crystal,” so maybe he’ll find me now. And listen. And like it. And call me up, say “Hi. This is Billy Crystal. Let’s do coffee.”

Why not me?

Need to follow up!

It’s so frustrating to think that with everything you do you have to follow up, to double check, to make sure things are happening as they are supposed to.

In the middle of the crazy Writing and Submitting fest that was my life last week, I submitted a story for the Common Ties Story Blog. First off, they actually pay and second, it is the year of Why Not Me, and third, they pay. Did I mention they pay? Not that pay is the only criteria for respect, but money is measurable, and I have a goal to make some money from my writing this year… so the fact that they publish some fine stories, you retain copyright and they pay, makes it a good opportunity in my mind.

Each week they feature a different theme (grief, cancer, missed connections, mothers, etc.) When I first discovered this website back in Janary, I had just missed the deadline to submit for the Cancer theme (isn’t that always the way?). And between then and now none of the other “themes” spoke to me, or I didn’t have anything near polished enough to submit… until, May 15 “Open Themes” (could there be any more deadlines for me in May??) So I submitted my Me and Billy Crystal essay, via email, at 8:14 am on May 15. Well within the deadline. Not even close to midnight or anything.

And I waited.

And I got to thinking, “When are those essays supposed to publish?” and “Funny I haven’t heard anything.” Not that I expect my essay to be published, but I did expect SOME response, the email equivalent of a rejection slip, perhaps… but no, nothing. So I looked online and saw that This week is open theme week. So instead of just saying, “hmm. Oh Well,” I actually emailed via the Contact Us page, and said shall I assume a rejection if I’ve not heard from you? The editor replied (pretty quickly I might add) that yes, that would be the case, and she copied and pasted the response letter text below that should answer any other questions….

So, I’m looking at this email thinking, “I didn’t get one of these response letter emails with this information. Hmmm.”

So I emailed her back and said, thanks for the info, but I didn’t get one of these emails. And she emailed back and said she didn’t have a record of receiving an email submission from me. Weird. Slurped into the SPAM box? who knows. I had a record of it being sent, so I forwarded the sent copy to her.

So, we’ll see. As I said, I’m not expecting publication… but hey, why not me?

Grab a Hanky…

So, last April I attended the First Friday at The Grove, an open mic event for prose writers hosted by San Diego Writers Ink, and fellow San Diego writer James Spring was recording with the hopes of creating another story for This American Life (his first story aired in February, “Cat and Mouse”). So of course I said Yes you can record me. And James generously sent me this clip of me reading one of my essays, Me and Billy Crystal. Enjoy. Hopefully you’ll hear bits of the essay, and perhaps conversation with me and Holly Fleming and James on some future TAL show, but for now, I hope you enjoy this. And thanks to James for allowing me to use this, especially since I have since lost the draft of this essay that was edited down to three minutes. Did you catch that? It’s 3 minutes long, so get comfy.