Wordless Wednesday

I was totally going to do a Wordless Wednesday post, just ilke my friend Karen, the shamalamamama.


1. I don’t think I can even come close to that beautiful picture she posted, and

2. I can’t go wordless. That’s like naked to a writer. And with the whole election thing still on my mind, and on my fingertips, well, Wordless Wednesday Will Wait.

So I cruised over to the KPBS Citizen Voices blog (yeah, I’m a glutton for punishment, I know) and there is a great post, Sporting the Red, White and Blue Beads by Charles Hartley. He kinda puts the whole “polarization” issue into perspective:

…. While I agree that the polarization is unfortunate and a bit unseemly, sometimes we take our problems a bit too seriously. To borrow and adapt a line from the film Dogma, “I have issues with anyone who treats democracy as a burden instead of a blessing. You people don’t celebrate your freedom; you mourn it.”
…. read the rest of the post

It is an honor to vote, a responsibility, and one I cherish. Heck I was absolutely giddy getting those “I voted” stickers. My only regret was that I voted AFTER work, and no one saw my awesome collection.

And if you believe our troops are fighting “for our freedom” then you should be voting and celebrating that freedom. If you don’t believe that, then all the more reason to vote.

So if you missed out, there’s still time to register for the next election (in California).

–Now we can try WORDLESS WEDNESDAYS next week—

Citizen Voices Blog Launches Without Me!

KPBS has just launched the Citizen Voices Blog today.

Without me.

They had the opportunity to talk about the project, partisanship and politics and the upcoming election on the KPBS These Days program, hosted by Tom Fudge.

I must say, it looks like an interesting lineup of political bloggers. And of course in hindsight, it’s probably just as well I’m not in the thick of it. Now, I can focus on my other writing projects. So instead, I look forward to reading the blogs, commenting, and adding my own spin here on my own blog, on my schedule.

Have fun everyone.

And if you’re in one of the Super Tuesday States– DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!
And if you’re not registered to vote, you’ll miss out on the primaries, but don’t let the general election get by without your vote!

PS: it couldn’t be any easier to register to vote in California. Not sure about the rest of the US.

I’m just so honored to be nominated….

It’s bullshit. I want to win. I’m tired of being nominated. Yeah, I said I didn’t really care, that I was so honored to get invited in for an interview…. that I totally would understand if they had the single, non-soccer mom, non-property-owner, no tax deductions, north county coastal liberal perspective covered.

But I lied.

I lied to myself. I care. It sucks that I was rejected. Again.

I really wanted to be a part of the Citizen Voices project.

So sure, it was an honor to make it to Round 2, to be asked to submit additional writing samples. It was an honor to be asked to come in for an interview… to drive an hour out of my bubble to get stuck in traffic on the way home… to meet a bunch of really cool people and have a great conversation that we called an interview. But dammit, I’m disappointed.

So why not me?

My new friend Aaryn sent me a link to this:

My sister said, “I know just how you feel, Jenn. When I was a dancer I was rejected all the time for lots of reasons which had nothing to do with my talent: not tall enough, not thin enough, not fat enough, not blonde… ” reminding me that being in any creative endeavor, you need to have a tough skin.

Not sure I have a tough skin, but I do have a lot of awesome people cheering me on from the sidelines.