The best laid plans…

I’m neither mouse nor man, but I can tell you that I always have the best of intentions… Photo Phriday, Wordless Wednesday, Mailbag Monday…. yeah yeah, goin’ to hell am I.

Oh, no, I meant to say I’m goin’ to grad school! and feeling rather frenetic at the moment, sort of all over place. Checking out moving companies one moment and class offerings the next and the constructing a transition plan for work. I’m feeling very scattered.

It’s not a Wednesday, this post is not wordless and it’s not a Phriday, but here’s a pic of me and my sister anyway.

How To Stay Fit and Make Money

Here’s another shameless plug… of sorts…

I’ve already passed this along to several of my friends via email, but thought I would post it here too.

If you know anyone who fits the bill, drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch with my sister:

-FROM DEBBY (pictured seated on the machine above)–

As many of you know I have a background in dance and fitness. Through friends I have been contacted by an event production company in Chicago looking for employees to work an event in San Diego.

The event, the IHRSA trade show, a convention and show for the fitness industry, is downtown at the convention center March 5-8.

We are looking for FIT, ENERGETIC, POSITIVE and FRIENDLY people with endurance who would be able to demonstrate new workout equipment and have fun. The hours are approximately 6:30am-2:30pm and we will need people for 3 and possibly 4 days.

The pay rate is $300 per day. (note this would be on a contract, one-time basis)

If you or anyone you know might be interested please let me know and pass this along asap.


Debby Simpson, Inside-Out Movement
Keeping Fit From the Inside Out!

NOTE: Debby is a trained Pilates instructor and Gyrotonic instructor in Encinitas, if you know anyone who wants to get fit from the inside out!

Its not Easy being Green er, uh, Blue

Maybe not really blue, but definitely out of sorts. Is it winter? the holidays? Or one more step in the grieving process… post holiday blahs? post vacation (I have a boring life) blues?

We are almost done closing up my Dad’s estate. For our trip to Hawaii, Debby and I were able to use my Dad’s US Air air miles for a free trip (did YOU know you can inherit miles?). When we got home the lawyer told us that the IRS is going to forgive the penalties and interest they wanted to extract from us. So that’s good news, right?

Somehow it makes my Dad’s death all the more real. Finalizing makes things, well, final.

It is time to move on, I feel it. And even though in some ways having all this paperwork pending keeps me closer to my Dad, I know it’s closer in a thoroughly unhealthy way. I’m just not entirely sure how to push through. I have projects of my own I am not working on. Writing I am not doing. So if anyone has any tips, or recommendations for a good therapist, let me know. 🙂

Shameless Plug

Gyro Debby
This is a shameless plug promoting my sister’s (ad)venture as a Gyrotonic instructor.

Most of you know Debby’s story…
in 2000 she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

It was caught early,
and after the standard course of treatment the prognosis looked good.

But (there’s always a but), in 2004 it was discovered again, this time as metastisized breast cancer…
landing in her bones, specifically her pelvis. She was treated with chemo, and with radiation.

The drugs left her weak and thin and the radiation left her hip muscle damaged– at one point she was even using a walker.

In her quest to regain her strength, and improve the range of motion in her hip, through a friend who is a physical therapist, she found Gyrotonic exercise. If you had seen my sister in 2004, you would not recognize her today. She not only looks great, she is successfully keeping the cancer at bay and her physical fitness has improved significantly. In fact, the attached postcard is a picture of Debby on the Gryotonic tower.

Debby liked the exercise system so much that she determined to become a certified Gyrotonic instructor, which she completed earlier this year.

The exercise system is similar to pilates. You work one-on-one with an instructor utilizing the machine’s system of weights and pulleys for resistance training. I liken a Gryotonic session to something between a workout and a massage. The next day you definitely feel like you got a work out, and all the stretching and rotational movement makes you feel like you got a massage.

A private session is usually $65, but as a new Gyrotonic instructor, Debby is offering a first time client special of $35 for an hour-long session…. She’s working out of a pilates studio in Encinitas on El Camino Real just north of Encinitas Boulevard. (The Pilates Place is located at 317 N. El Camino Real Suite 109, Encinitas, CA)

I know this is not for everyone– maybe it’s not in your budget, maybe Encinitas is too far– but (see, I told you there’s always a but!) maybe you know someone this would be perfect for, and you could pass this along.

If you have any questions, give me a holler, or an email, or call Debby direct.

Thanks for reading! No obligation to buy anything, ever…

How to Cut a Perfect Heart

Valentine’s Day, like every holiday, was a big deal in my house growing up. I have fond memories of my Mom, decorating the house with paper hearts and flowers, and making a special meal (which somehow involved red food dye?)
I even remember very clearly Mom teaching me how to cut out a perfect heart, folding in half diagonally a square of red or pink construction paper, and cutting the outside edge in a swoop, then unfolding to reveal a perfectly symetrical heart.

Now, especially since I am single, Valentine’s Day is not quite so much fun. It’s the one day of the year when you (I) feel particularly pathetic without a mate. But don’t feel too sorry for me. I did get two Valentines so far. From my aunt and uncle– they send silly ones every year and this year was no exception, plastic cupids included. And I got a Valentine from my roommate, who is of course going out on a hot date tonight. Oh, and my sister wants to take me out for dinner. But not tonight because she’ll be in L.A. for a gyrotonic training session.

And if I get totally desparate, there’s always Neil’s Emergency Valentine Day Hotline over at Citizen of the Month.

And if I start to feel really sorry for myself, there is always V-Day, a global movement to stop violence against women and girls.

And finally, I can thank god (or would that be gods?) that I don’t live in ancient Rome and am neither a goat nor a dog on February 15 for the festival of Lupercalia, which is the origin of the conveniently calendared christian St. Valentine’s Day

[Lupercalia ] began with the sacrifice by the Luperci (or the flamen dialis) of two male goats and a dog. Next two patrician young Luperci were led to the altar, to be anointed on their foreheads with the sacrificial blood, which was wiped off the bloody knife with wool soaked in milk, after which they were expected to smile and laugh [NOT SURE I’D BE LAUGHING WITH BLOOD DRIPPING DOWN MY FACE] ; the smearing of the forehead with blood probably refers to human sacrifice originally practised at the festival.

The sacrificial feast followed, after which the Luperci cut thongs from the skins of the victims, which were called Februa, dressed themselves in the skins of the sacrificed goats, in imitation of Lupercus, and ran round the walls of the old Palatine city, the line of which was marked with stones, with the thongs in their hands in two bands, striking the people who crowded near. Girls and young women would line up on their route to receive lashes from these whips. This was supposed to ensure fertility, prevent sterility in women and ease the pains of childbirth. This tradition itself may survive (Christianised, and shifted to Spring) in certain ritual Easter Monday

And speaking of St. Valentine… did you know there really is not a St. Valentine, but rather that St. Valentine may refer to one or all of three martys that showed up in the history books around the same time that the Pope outlawed public pagan rituals. Hmm.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day, V-Day or Lupercalia, or whatever you may be celebrating.

Gyro Debby

My sister got her Gyrotonic tower purchased, and set up at The Pilates Place in Encintas. It looks like some sort of ancient torture device, with all those straps and weights, but its actually pretty gentle, and a nice workout. I got my first Gyrotonic session last night.
I’m a little sore today… and I feel like you feel after a good yoga class or a massage, where the lactic acid and toxins that were trapped in your joints are released, which is good, but I should have been drinking water to flush them out of my system…. next time. And a lot of the little muscles in my sides and abdomen are, well, lets just say I can feel them. I know they are there. Like they jumped out and said, “hello! you have some muscles here!”
BY the way, this is neither the studio where my sister is teaching nor the exact machine she uses for teaching (though it is my sister as the gyro model in the picture here)