More random thoughts about The Fire

Tamar asked me in an email how I felt about Arnold’s and W’s response. I didn’t really know how to answer. The governor has been here. A lot. The president is coming tomorrow. I guess its nice to not be the orphan stepchild of Los Angeles for a change, and I think it may be kind of exciting to see these folks close up and personal if you’re in an evacuation center. Maybe it even makes you feel special, like The Government cares. I don’t know. I see a lot of back slapping and everyone feeling proud of themselves for how coordinated we all are this time around. Not a lot of quality information coming out of these press conferences.

The reverse 911 calling worked. I got a call that said I should be prepared. I was. Thankfully I never got a follow up Mandatory Evacuation call. Our last big fire, Firestorm 2003 I think it was, caused the death of 15, and I don’t know how many injured. Residents did not get out fast enough. Lots of people were caught unawares. This time they were being cautious. I’m ok with that. Better safe than sorry. Next time lets use the cell phone system. Lots of folks don’t have land lines anymore. (those young whippersnappers)

It doesn’t appear to be too chaotic here. I think we learned a lot from the Katrina as well as the Firestorm 2003. I suspect it won’t be long before we forget. We’ll rebuild on land that needs to burn to live. We’ll rebuild where there is not enough water. SDGE will get their new powerline. And so it goes. Until the next fire.


Resource: people suffering with stress following the wildfires can contact the Orange Co Emergency Op Center hotline

Therapy first. Housing, clothing second. –Only in So Cal.

Walmart donated 1 million to the Red Cross today with $400,000 in supplies, Wells Fargo gave $500,000 and SAIC gave $100,000

Maybe Walmart isn’t the evil empire.

Community members are looking for volunteers to help knit blankets for anyone that lost home

Aren’t there some knitting bloggers out there?? email to hook up (that’s crochet talk for connect) with the folks looking for knitters

Relief Push at Qualcomm Includes Acupuncture, Massage, Comedy

hmmm. not sure about the acupuncture thing. Sort of like getting kicked when you’re down? of course I’m a needle phobic so what do I know.

Items needed at Qualcomm: Diet soda, store bought socks and under garments, feminine products

Diet soda! Please, I neeeeeeeed a diet soda! and I need it now!