I may get rich yet!

For the last couple of years I’ve been sure the housing market was a bubble about to burst. I did the math. I could not see how people with regular incomes and 100 percent financed mortgages, and Hummers, could afford houses in Southern California. Recent turn of events in the market have proven me right. Good for me, good for anyone else that hadn’t already gotten into the housing market, and bad for those folks who are way over-extended and sitting on houses with sinking values.


Unfortunately, I’m not as good at predicting the stock market. Last year I bought Yahoo stock. I really wanted Google (at work I am known as Google Girl) but at 300 some odd dollars a share, even buying a couple of shares seemed like a lot of money. Besides, I was sure it was overpriced. (Note: Google is now worth over $500. I could have made a cool thousand.)

And Yahoo. The number one visited site on the internet.
I was sure if they could just get it together, they could make some serious coin.

Um yeah.
Not so good picking stocks, am I.

I watched my measly little investment go from $35 per share down to under twenty. (I bought high, you’re supposed to buy low) I didn’t invest much. I hung on. and on. and on.

But today I may be vindicated! and sorry I didn’t buy more.

Microsoft Unveils $44.6 Billion Bid
For Web Ad, Search Rival Yahoo
February 1, 2008 7:06 p.m.

Microsoft Corp. on Friday went public with a $44.6 billion offer to buy Yahoo Inc., in a bold attempt to dramatically expand its online business and compete more effectively with Google Inc. in services ranging from email to Internet advertising sales…..continue reading—>