LA Bloggers Live ReCap and Podcast

Longtime blogger and husband to Leahpeah, Joe Crawford of kicked off the first ever L.A. Bloggers Live! event, reading a few posts from way back, I’ll title it “Onward.”

Next up, Deezee from Confessional Highway, reminiscing about the LA Forum… she must be one of the coolest moms on the the planet!

Next up, Neil of Citizen of the Month. If you think he’s funny in writing, just wait until you hear him live with this post, My Russian Bride. We even got to meet Sophia:

I had to follow Neil. It was tough. He rocked it. I gave it my best shot, representin’ for the San Diego Bloggers…. a little Barbie rant and a little poetry:

Abigail from My Life According to Me shared a couple of “Letter to a travelling lover” posts– she thought it would be easier to read heart felt posts about an old boyfriend!

Wildbell Will shared a great post about the perils of biking in LA. (you couldn’t pay me to do that even if I were in great shape! I don’t even like to drive around LA!)

Peter from The Buddah Diaries, shared a post called The Aging Suit, a poetic musing about, well, aging… delivered in a lovely British accent!

LA Daddy, Tim shared with us a post about A Boy (Tim) and his bike and 300 Spartans…

Leah finally took the stage as a blogger and not just as a hostess with the mostess, and read her post, about (bump-step) running away (bump step)….

and with a suprise, last minute entry into the LA Bloggers Live event, turns out the hostess of the Tangier Lounge is also a blogger… So with a little extra time left, Marissa of the Engle Angle joined us.

Live. From L.A. It’s LA Bloggers Live

SO… I was thinking I would read my Me and Billy Crystal post. But it was an audio post already, so if you really want to hear about Me and Billy Crystal, you can listen here at my blog. Then I got the brilliant idea that I would read a post from one year ago. But “Not. Good. Enough,” it is a bit of a downer.

I’ve opted to read two posts. One, what I have since developed into what I call my Barbie Rant, but started here as a blog post, so I will read it in its original raw form. Very hard for me to not tweak it, or read it in its now polished form. I’ll also read something a little different, I’m not a poet.

Hopefully we’ll get the audio recording working and I’ll post here.
If you are in the LA area… drop on by. 6:30 pm at the Tangier Lounge.