The best laid plans…

I’m neither mouse nor man, but I can tell you that I always have the best of intentions… Photo Phriday, Wordless Wednesday, Mailbag Monday…. yeah yeah, goin’ to hell am I.

Oh, no, I meant to say I’m goin’ to grad school! and feeling rather frenetic at the moment, sort of all over place. Checking out moving companies one moment and class offerings the next and the constructing a transition plan for work. I’m feeling very scattered.

It’s not a Wednesday, this post is not wordless and it’s not a Phriday, but here’s a pic of me and my sister anyway.

Photo Phriday

peacock color
New Regular feature for my blog.

UPDATE #2 I should probably tell you that this photo was taken on my Hawaiian holiday at Waimea Falls.

Join the fun by posting a comment with the URL to your Phriday Photo.

BTW: I got this idea from Karen the Shama-lama-mama and her smart alekey comment about my Worldless Wednesday photo. 🙂

UPDATE: I just realized the photo wasn’t showing… oops. Probably because I had the Height set at 0 pixels! I’m dangerous with a little HTML.