A Dime For Your Stories

Starting next week I will be the official co-host of Duke City DimeStories.  I am nervous about so many things….   how many people will show up?  Will the stories be good?  Will my digital recorder work?  and mostly, will I make a fool of myself?

DimeStories WHTFOB cardThe truth is I will make a bit of a fool of myself. I will be reading a piece I just wrote prompted from a writing assignment from my Creative Non Fiction workshop (thanks Julie Mars!).  We were asked to write about a humiliating moment…  so if you want to hear about that ill fated ski trip to Seven Springs Pennsylvania…  come on down to the premiere of Duke City DimeStories:

Thursday, February 18 at 7pm (and every third Thursday after that)

at The Source, 1111 Carlisle SE ABQ NM USA

I’d  like to thank my friend and poet Richard Vargas, who introduced me to Merimee Moffit an amazing woman with tremendous energy and heart. Although she is poet, she is a closet prose writer, my co-host, and has been my connection to the greater Albuquerque community–  we’ve got some buzzzzzz going!   I’m so glad to have met her, and if you come to Duke City DimeStories you’ll be glad to meet her too!

I’d also like to thank fellow graduate student Annarose Fitzgerald of the English Graduate Student Association for sponsoring the event and connecting me with another fellow graduate student Kasey Johnson, who’ll be helping out at the event….

AND…  thanks to all my colleagues (writers in the MFA program and in the community) who are furiously editing their fabulous prose into 3 minute stories, or removing the line breaks from their narrative poems.

First Fridays March Missives

In case you missed March’s First Friday at The Grove, hosted by San Diego Writers, Ink, you can hear the stories here…. no, not here, here, on FirstFridayProse.com.

Be sure to check out the soon to be classics, “Foreskins” by Eber Lambert… “Big Wheel Depravation” by James Spring, and of course, “Geckos” by yours truly… Enjoy!

Oh, and Victoria did an entire 3 minutes in second person. Very impressive, “When Crazy Taps You on the Shoulder.”