Storytelling Blogs

Hi All!

I’m looking for blogs to read that are more of the telling stories variety and less of the the commenting on the news variety… especially if they are regional in nature (any region, but stories of the Southwest would be preferable)

Actually I’ll be writing a paper tentatively titled “The Emergence of Blogs as the New Regionalism” for my Contemporary Literature and Film of the Southwest class. I figured rather than reading all the blogs on the internets (technorati is tracking some 11 million blogs) I’d ask for recommendations.

If anyone has some suggestions, I would love to check them out….

Women in Politics

It’s been a while since I posted anything political… what with the move, and being more concerned with my own self and not with the world around me…. but I finally registered to vote here in New Mexico (Bernalillo County to be specific). And I discovered my local farmer’s market too!

Things are heating up here in New Mexico. First off, its chili time. What that means is the harvest is coming in and the chiles are roasting all over town. More on that later….

Secondly, we’re a swing state. Which means that there’s presidential politics all over the place. Obama just opened an election office in the South Valley (his sixth in the city, 34th in the state. Note McCain only seems to have 6 offices statewide not sure what that means). I’ve yet to explore the South Valley, and even though its only like 10 minutes away from downtown Albuquerque it’s much more rural.

Michelle Obama spoke at the University of New Mexico about a week ago… I would have liked to have seen her, but I heard that the free tickets were “sold” out. Later my friend Cassie told me that she was on campus and was able to attend– apparently at some point they just let people in. McCain and his beauty queen sidekick were here too. I hear Obama will be here again before election day… and I’m sure McCain will be as well, and their respective running mates….

Which brings me to the purpose of my post. The funniest damn thing I’ve seen in a long time– thanks Stack!

The best laid plans…

I’m neither mouse nor man, but I can tell you that I always have the best of intentions… Photo Phriday, Wordless Wednesday, Mailbag Monday…. yeah yeah, goin’ to hell am I.

Oh, no, I meant to say I’m goin’ to grad school! and feeling rather frenetic at the moment, sort of all over place. Checking out moving companies one moment and class offerings the next and the constructing a transition plan for work. I’m feeling very scattered.

It’s not a Wednesday, this post is not wordless and it’s not a Phriday, but here’s a pic of me and my sister anyway.

Alls Quiet on the Western Front

Big sigh. I have been holding this one in for a long time, though those of you in my inner circle (Hi Uncle Bill! Hi Debby!) have known about this for a long time…

I have been accepted into the MFA in Creative Writing program at the University of New Mexico.

So, I’m going to Albuquerque.

It all began in July 2005 at the Taos Summer Writers Conference….

I signed up for Gregory Martin’s memoir class with the intent of vacationing in Taos and learning a little more about writing. Instead, I saw little of Taos and indulged in the literary landscape of the conference. Rather than enjoying the wonderful restaurants of Taos, I gorged on the readings, the panel discussions and of course the extra stack of essays from Greg—this was in addition to the three books he assigned ahead of time. His class changed the way I looked at my writing, forcing me to see beyond the basics to craft features such as character, persona, dialog, conflict, point of view and time of writing voice.

That first conference also saw the birth of what is now my book-length project, “Reconstructing My Mother.”

For the last two and a half years I have been working on this project with my local Read and Critique group facilitated by Judy Reeves. Working with other writers has helped me stay on track producing prose.

In 2007 I was accepted into Greg Martin’s Taos Master Class so I gathered up all my writing, stuffed it into a three ring binder and called it a first draft. I knew at the time it was premature but I was eager to work with Greg again and the class was an opportunity to get a fresh perspective on my work and address it as a whole. My classmates were all talented writers, with full length manuscripts covering everything from adopting a special needs child to researching a famous naval architect father. All these other writers had master’s degrees, or law degrees. It was a little intimidating.

During my one-on-one evaluation with Greg, he said to me, “You make all these self-depracating remarks about how you’re not as smart as all these people with master’s degrees…. why don’t you just go get a master’s degree?”

In other words, he challenged me, and I took him up on it. I applied this winter, and was accepted into University of New Mexico last Wednesday. Greg called me himself.

So now I find myself excited, intimidated, scared (terrified really) and overwhelmed, but I’m going.

I’ll need to be in ABQ in August. Classes start August 20.

Wish me luck!