Literature for the Ear

I love audio. I love radio. I love literature. And I’m a geek…  and, since I don’t have nearly enough to do (HAH!)  I’ve started a literary audio magazine (online only), Writers Out Loud: Literature for the Ear.

Screen Shot of


A special thanks to Midge Raymond, who eagerly submitted the first piece, The Ecstatic Cry, an excerpt from her book Forgetting English. I’m honored to have a prize winning writer want submit a piece to this new venture.

I’ll officially launch the site after this semester ends–  mid May, and plan to do some full-on media blitzes.  If you’d like YOUR piece to be showcased alongside Midge’s DO submit your work.

I’ve put the call out to some really fine writers I know, and am hoping they will follow Midge’s lead, fire up Garage Band on their MAC or download Audacity for their PC and have fun with sound!