Making the Write Decision

Every now and then, its nice to get some sort of confirmation that you are in fact making the right decision…  and so today, when I logged onto the University of New Mexico website…  I found this announcement:

Gregory Martin Named UNM 2008 Outstanding Teacher of the Year

“Most students of creative writing are too good at being students. They are cautious and risk adverse. They have not learned to welcome failure and despair. I want them to stop thinking of themselves as students – with assignments and deadlines imposed by some professor or program – and begin to see themselves as artists, as writers,” says Associate Professor of English Gregory Martin.

He was hired at UNM to implement a creative nonfiction concentration within the creative writing program and his students, who are all required to submit a manuscript for publication in a magazine have been published in literary journals, in anthologies, and had their work read aloud on National Public Radio. Martin mentors student writers with an emphasis on the process of revision and peer review.

Martin has already received the Keleher Award for Outstanding Assistant Professor of English and the Gunter Starkey Teaching Award from UNM’s College of Arts and Sciences. He also wrote “Mountain City”, a memoir of the life of a town of thirty-three people in remote northeastern Nevada. That book received a Washington State Book Award and was named a New York Times Notable Book of the Year.

His students describe him as demanding, inspiring and kind. This fall he will be teaching Senior Honors Thesis, Individual Study, Creative Writing Workshop-Creative Nonfiction, Problems for the Master’s Degree, Problems for the Doctor’s Degree, and Dissertation.

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I’ve already signed up for the Fall Creative Writing Workshop…

WordPress vs. Blogger

I had my blog on blogger for a long time. Blogger is good. WordPress I like better. I won’t go into all the details for the switcheroo, but suffice it to say that in the transition time here things are gonna look a little messy. Oh well. It’s not like this site if the New York Times or anything!

If anyone has any CSS tips they want to share, or Blogger to WordPress moving tips to share, let me know!